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Family law is one of the key areas of practice at Braxton Crenshaw Attorney at Law. We take it seriously because the issues we deal with are sensitive and complex. When you consult a family lawyer, you should expect his or her full attention and a personal service: that's exactly what we provide.

When we help a parent see his or her children more regularly or get someone out of an abusive relationship, we know we are doing our job.

Sometimes emotions in family law cases run so high that things can spiral out of control. Attorney Braxton Crenshaw is a former certified mediator and was a trial commissioner for the Kentucky Bar Association. Where possible, we will encourage mediation so that you can avoid the expense and uncertainty of a court hearing.

All Family Law Issues Covered — By An Experienced Attorney

We cover all areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce — We handle contested and uncontested cases and offer comprehensive guidance on the law relating to division of property and custody of children
  • Children — We deal with child custody issues both as part of the divorce process and outside of it. Attorney Crenshaw has nearly 20 years of experience working with parents and grandparents to resolve long-term issues, including time-sharing and parenting plans, child support (modification and enforcement), adoption and paternity suits. We also advise parents when the Department of Social Services has raised concerns about child care
  • Domestic violence — Our firm represents family members seeking protective orders and those accused of domestic violence in a protective order petition. Emergency representation is available
  • Cohabitation agreements — For unmarried couples we offer tailor-made agreements setting out how you wish for real estate and other assets to be divided in the event that your relationship ends

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