Lexington Divorce Attorney Utilizes Mediation

At Braxton Crenshaw Attorney at Law in Lexington, Kentucky, we know about divorce — we have been helping people work through the process for nearly 20 years.

As divorce lawyers, our work is uniquely personal. We get to know you and take the time to understand your family circumstances: this helps us give you the best possible advice.

Our clients face huge uncertainty and there is often tension in their dealings with their spouse. When we see unpleasantness or animosity toward our clients, it drives us on. Our reward comes from getting the settlement that is right for you — one that will help you make a fresh start.

Our goal is always to facilitate agreement. Even where it is not compulsory, while being zealous advocates for our clients, we encourage mediation as a way of avoiding the risks of full-scale divorce litigation. Having received mediation training, attorney Crenshaw is a recognized Lexington divorce lawyer who utilizes mediation when possible. He has the skill and confidence to facilitate agreement — even when faced with the most entrenched of opponents.

Do I Need An Attorney To Handle My Divorce?

There are three main issues in most divorces:

  • Property division
  • Child support and child visitation
  • Allocation of marital debt

It's possible to take care of your divorce yourself but without the assistance of an experienced attorney, you may end up with a settlement that does not protect you in the way that it should. Even in an uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse have agreed on most issues, you should ask an attorney to advise you.

At Braxton Crenshaw Attorney at Law we will advise you on:

  • How marital and nonmarital property is classified
  • How you can ensure important assets like pensions are included in your settlement
  • How responsibility for marital debts is divided
  • Disputes relating to children, including child custody issues

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